The Widgeon

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N28676, N85U, Currently N37DF S/N 1215


NC37181, NC1055, GVMT09789, N68335 C/N1231  


N2770A   C/N 1260


N1234N, CF-IIQ, N99341, N99431 C/N 1265  
V-219, N91040 C/N 1267
NC58832, N79905, N23456   S/N 1270
N66432  S/N 1323

N5555N, CF-IKH, N176MS, N144GW, N612GW, S/N 1324  
N69067  S/N 1338


N58847, S/N 1339  
FP-456, N41826, VP-BAK, N9311R S/N 1340  
N1188V    S/N 1355
N17481   S/N 1360  
NC60379, N199VC, N141R  C/N 1378


N56198 S/N 1397  


N86616 S/N 1442  


N86642, VP-BAX, N9312R   S/N 1468
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