The Grumman Goose


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FP-514, N95431, N72PR, P2-JWB, RP-C864, VH-MBA, DQ-AYL,  C/N 1164

N87U Currently C/N B-126

N88U, Currently N600ZE, C/N B-100

N88U-1 N88U-2 N88U-3 N88U-4 N88U-5 N88U-6 N88U-7 N88U-8 N88U-9 N88U-10 N88U-11 N88U-12 N88U-13 N88U-14 N88U-15 N88U-16 N88U-17 N88U-18 N88U-19 N88U-20 N88U-21

N327 C/N 1051

N327-1 N327-2 N327-3 N327-4 N327-5 N327-6 N327-7 N327-8 N327-9 N327-10 N327-11

N641 C/N B-115

NC709, N150M, S/N 1147

N3903B, N741  C/N B-97

N741-1 N741-2 N741-3 N741-4 N741-5 N741-6N741-7N741-8 N741-9 058-N7811. N741 S/N B-97. Another shot of 741 on the beach in Kodiak. N741 S/N B-97. This Goose has flown for the USF&W Service and then was transferred to the State of Alaska, and then Sold to Pen Air. It spent several years at the Kodiak base until Pen Air pulled out of Kodiak in 2000. N741 still flies for Pen Air.

N779, N16484, N501M, C-FBCI,  N660PA  C/N B-138

N781, N781SA, Currently N7811 C/N B-122

N781-1 N781-2 N781-3 N781-4 N781-5 N781-6 N7811 S/N B-122. Another shot of 811 in Kodiak N7811 S/N B-122. This Goose has flown for the USF&W Service, then transferred to the State of Alaska, and then sold to Pen Air. It spent several years at the Kodiak base until Pen Air pulled out of Kodiak in 2000. N7811 Still flies for Pen Air.

FP475, TV-RVJ, N1583V, S/N 1125

N2021A C/N B-114

N2021AC-1 N2021AC-2 N2021AC-3 N2021AC-4 N2021AC-5 N2021AC-6 N2021AC-7 N2021AC-8 N2021A S/N 114. Here is another Western Alaska Airlines Goose that joined the Kodiak fleet with the merger. This airplane flew with Kodiak Western until it was sold to an ex Kodiak Western pilot, Hal Dierich. He flew 21A on a daily basis until a fatal crash on July 21st 1984 near Ouzinkie. All were lost. N2021A S/N B-114. Here is 21A starting up the seaplane ramp at Port Bailey in 1977 in Kodiak Western colors. N2021A S/N B-114. This picture was taken right after it had been rebuilt and arrived back in Kodiak for Hall's Air Service. N2021A S/N B-114. Another view of Hall's Air Service Goose. N2021AC-9

N2845D C/N B-112

N3282 C/N 1110

N4110A, N93E, CF-WCP, N90892, Currently N22932, C/N B-139

N22932 S/N B-139  

N20650, PP-XAN, TF-RVA, N1503V S/N1020

N68174 S/N 1173

Intercoastal-Packing-Co-1957 Intercoastal-Packing-Info-1957 Intercoastal-Packing-Parts-1057 N68174-1 N68174-2 N68174 S/N 1173. This plane was purchased by Kodiak Airways in late 1958. One of their favorites to fly, unfortunately when the tidal wave struck March 27th 1964 it was in the hangar. Both the plane and the hangar were lost during the tidal wave.

N69263 S/N 1132

N69263C-1 N69263C-2 N69263C-3 N69263C-4 N69263C-5 N69263C-6 N69263 S/N 1132. This Goose joined the Kodiak Airways fleet in the early 60's. It was saved from the tidal wave by Al Cratty who flew it from the downtown seaplane base to the Kodiak Municipal strip as the wave was coming in. The Goose flew with Kodiak Airways until about 1990 when it was sold to Catalina Seaplanes. It is now under private ownership, located in Missouri. N69263C-7 N69263C-8 N69263C-9 N69263C-10 N69263C-11 N69263C-12 N69263C-13  

N69264, CF-OQA, N1045 S/N 1195

N69264S-1 N69264S-2 N69264S-3 N69264S-4 N69264S-5 N69264S-6 N69264, S/N 1195, This is a picture of Vice Daly departing from Port Bailey in the Early 1950's. N69264, S/N 1195, is believed to be the first commercially operated Grumman Goose based in Kodiak. It was operated by Vince Daly starting in the 50's and operated into the early 60's. This is reported to be the same goose that crashed and sunk at Point Baker, Alaska on August 25th, 1974, and registered as N1045. N69264S-7 N69264S-8 N69264S-9  


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