About Us

My Name is Guy Denton.  I started working for Kodiak Airways April 1st 1969 through October 21st 1974.   I was 21 years old and those 5 years working on the Gooses and Widgeons impacted my life permanently.  I made a lot of friends, lost a few to accidents, and still maintain contact with a few.  This website is dedicated to everyone who had anything to do with a Goose or a Widgeon, especially in Kodiak.  There is nothing like the sound of a Goose 985 engine starting up or shutting down .  The sound of a radial engine running is unlike anything else, as I know you can relate to if you have been around  one.

If you have any photos of any of the aircraft that are in this website, please contact me.  I am always looking to update our photos.  If you would like more information about any of these aircraft like where they are today or how they came to their demise, feel free to contact me.

Steve Harvey is my informational database on all Widgeons and Gooses in Kodiak.  Without his knowledge of the aircraft that were here, I could not have developed this website.  Steve has flown all of his life, his Dad was a bush pilot, and Steve has the only Air Taxi service in Kodiak that uses a Grumman Widgeon. There is a link to his Website on this Website.  Please feel free to link to this site if you have a site that features The Grumman Goose or Widgeon.  Thanks for visiting this site.